Nintendo Jungle Green Edition Console N64 w/Donkey Kong Bundle

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The console is complete with the matching controller, power supply and a/v cable.  It includes Donkey Kong 64 and the N64 Expansion Pak.  We usually sell the expansion pak's separately for $20 so with this bundle you are basically getting the game for free and an awesome jungle green color console!  The console has some cracks in the plastic and is missing the cover for the expansion pak but from a few feet away it looks awesome.  We took it apart and fully refurbished it.  The stick on the controller is tight and feels llike new.  The pins have been cleaned on both the console and the game.  The reset button clicks like a dream.  This is a great deal so get it now before it's too late!

  • Jungle Green Console (fully refurbished)
  • Matching Jungle Green N64 Controller (tight stick)
  • Donkey Kong 64
  • Power Supply and A/V Cable
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