Why Buying Used or Pre-Owned Electronics is Dangerous

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Why Buying Used or Pre-Owned Electronics is Dangerous

If you're searching for a pre-owned electronic to save off retail, you should consider a few things first.

Our company first started as a buying only company where we would wholesale electronics worldwide. As we still incorporate this as our main function of selling electronics, our local customers quickly informed us of the need for a trustworthy used electronics retailer.


We listen to our customers!


After polling our customer's it was evident that there was no single trustworthy retailer of pre-owned electronics on Long Island. Most of our customer's have been duped, scammed, and even physically attacked by scam artists while trying to buy used electronics via Craigslist, local selling apps, and let's not forget: Online.


After thorough research we learned the following:


  • There are many scammers on Craigslist, Online Websties, and iPhone Apps that will knowingly sell defective and stolen devices.
  • Pawn shops and second hand shops refuse to offer a warranty to their customers, probably because they aren't electronics experts.
  • Viruses and malware are maliciously embedded into used electronics to steal people's information.
  • Smartphones become blacklisted and locked once a person purchases it, leaving them no recourse, and a worthless device.

The grand solution:


  • We've built a safe, clean and centralized location in Massapequa that retails new and used electronics.
  • All of our electronics are fully tested, certified, and guaranteed to function properly, backed up with a warranty and optional extended warranties.
  • All of our electronics have been ran through comprehensive databases to ensure that there are no stolen or lost devices in our store.
  • We fully wipe all previous user data from any pre-owned device 3 times over, plus run malware/spyware checks on all of our devices.
  • We offer multiple payment methods for your convenience: Cash, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay & More.
  • We service what we sell, and we're the electronic experts.
  • With local business ties, and local ownership: We strive on customer satisfaction. 

The next time you're in the market for a gently pre-owned iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Xbox, Playstation 4 or other device, stop down and check out our store. We'd love to show you our way of doing business.


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